Hong Kong, China
8,000 SQM

Completed 2016
Client: RISE WIN Corporation

Located in the world’s densest district (Mongkok, Kowloon), this highrise residential tower is an exemplary model of hyper-urban living. Using its surrounding context of new dense commercial street and older residential neighborhood as inspiration, the design of the tower becomes a poetic interplay between 2 different materials of tile and glass.  

Two different types of residential micro-units are provided, both under 250ft² (23m²). These units are equipped with flexible furniture and partitions in order to maximize possible modes of inhabitation. As part of the larger urban revitalization of Mongkok, the design aims to provide a sense of sophistication and tactility to a once derelict part of the city.

The building skin was explored in iterations, with varied attempts in capturing the character of the district on the facade.  A simpler and more sculptural approach achieved the appropriate contrast to the site’s vibrant context.