Zhuhai, China
23 KM2

Client: Pico Zeman Asset Management Co Ltd

In September 2013, President Xi Jingpin of the People’s Republic of China announced his vision of the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Through the development of a broad network of infrastructure, a regional framework for economic cooperation is formed between Asia, Europe, and Africa.

As part of this expanded network, AXIA developed the International Business Hub Masterplan for Henqin island in the Pearl River Delta.  Its unique geographic location, diverse human resources, and extensive infrastructure network, make Henqin island the ideal platform for the 60 participating countries to connect and meet for business opportunities.

Linked to the new city of the north end of the Hengqin Island, the masterplan is developed into 4 different zones: Expo zone, Urban Expansion Zone, Marine City Zone and Ecological Zone. Equipped with fully integrated intelligent community design and sustainable urban planning principles, each zone contributes to the development of the Island as a hub of business activities and cultural exchange.

Visual of Marine City Zone