Zagreb, Croatia
200,000 SQM

EUROPAN X International Competition Submission / City of Zagreb, Croatia

This master plan recognizes Badel Block’s potential to engage with and nourish its social, physical, and economic context.  The site now finds itself largely in a state of limbo, undefined and inaccessible to the rest of Zagreb, yet rich with potential as a meaningful and reinvigorated part of the whole.

New buildings address the void left in the wake of large industry. In response to context, building mass is influenced by adjacent heights, while means of cutting through this urban block are guided by existing points of pedestrian activity both n the periphery, as well as in the old Distillery building, now redefined as a centre for contemporary art.

The new residential development of the Badel block provides dignified housing and the fostering of strong communities. For a synergy between residents, a housing system was sought that would offer flexibility and diversity, a settlement that is as lively on its continuous rooftop landscape as it is when it connects to the street. These apartment blocks echo the massing of Zagreb’s continuous fabric of multi-dwelling housing.  

Contemporary Art Centre

Public Pool