Seoul, South Korea
5,200 SQM

International Design Competition Finalist (5th)

This proposal for the Creative Music and Sound Center thoroughly considers the complexity of program that comprises a youth-oriented Music school of the 21st century, a balance between spaces of practical training, theory, technological innovation, and public enjoyment of Music. Building massing and the general placement of volumes is influenced by the ambient sounds of the site. This results in a shielded condition and the creation of a new urban space, the Music Courtyard, optimized for outdoor performance, both formal and improvised.

Courtyard View

Site Circulation

Program Zones

Public Terraces

The Center will comprise a significant new physical presence in the community. The craft of music, as well as its public performance, will sustain a vibrant and inviting cultural ecosystem, which will be alive with activity from morning to evening.

Sectional Perspective

Occupying the upper levels of the cube, spaces dedicated to the practical training of music and dance enjoy an elevated status within the larger complex, while the lecture rooms, labs, and studios occupy the level of the sunken courtyard, providing an inward-focused space of theory and practice.

Ensemble Room

Lecture Hall

Project Credits:

In collaboration with SEOINN Design Group (Seoul, South Korea)