Helsinki, Finland
46,580 SQM

International Competition Submission / Guggenheim Foundation

Our proposal for the new Guggenheim in Helsinki emerges before the presence of the three main participants in this unique setting: City, Park, and Harbour. It is through the stark identity of these elements that the project is conceived. Lying at a point of intersection between these existing spheres of influence, the site necessitates a tailored response to absorb their impact, an integration of dense urban fabric, planted topography, and the expansive experience of Helsinki Harbour.

Rising from sea level, connecting to the sloping terrain of the park, and matching the median height of Helsinki’s building stock, a spiraling, layered, and carved mass conforms to the challenging limitations of the site and establishes itself as a quiet monument to culture and civic engagement.

Indoor Park

Gallery Theatre

Physical Model Iterations

Exterior Winter View

Longitudinal Section